Stjepan Čuka

About me

I was born on 24th of December 1982, in Kutina. While attending school in Garesnica, I've started to develope and make my first fashion sketches. Subsequently I found myself on turning point in my life and in the year of 2003 enroled Faculty of Textile Technology for fashion designer, University of Zagreb. After just few months of studying I've presented my first mini collection which was followed by different kind of competitions. I have transformed my visions into collections. My designes are explicitly focused on menswear.

About fashion

Fashion is a manifest which gives a reflection on every individual, differently. I believe that there is no definition for fashion. Takeing that into the account, I create my designs based on different elements of inspiration. Designs created are products of ideas and combinations of elements both culltural heritage and urban pieces of everyday life which surounds us. Man has evolved through the ages and according to that, the requirements for dressing have been in different forms through time. I will dare to say that today, you can't create something new in fashion. All the designs have allready been seen, and they will not change any time soon. The transformation will be visible through the existing designs and the choices of colours and fabrics. The job of every designer is to reveal to people his ideas, different creative solutions and to intrigue, finally to awake the interest for fashion in every individual.

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